Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

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So you take every opportunity to soak up the sun, you exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet – but is that enough to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D? And why is it so important that you do?

The simple truth is that getting enough vitamin D is complex and whilst eating a healthy diet is important, very little of our vitamin D intake actually comes from the foods we eat. Vitamin D is mainly produced when your skin is directly exposed to sunlight. What? I hear you say; exactly European living and our hectic lifestyles don’t exactly lend themselves to sitting in the sun for hours. And even if we had the chance to sit, laze and soak up the sunrays use of sunscreen and factors such as air pollution all impact on the skins ability to produce vitamin D!!

So why is it so vital to our well-being? Well vitamin D is fascinating; it’s the only vitamin that our body converts into a hormone – Calcitriol. It is the Calcitriol that manages the body’s absorption of calcium, which is vital for blood, bones and gut health. Vitamin D deficiency can be responsible for poor functioning: immune system, heart, circulation, lungs & airways. Researchers are also now laying some of the blame for seasonal affective disorder – a form of depression that occurs during the winter at the feet of vitamin D deficiency. Put simply ensuring we get enough vitamin D is key to achieving optimal health.

Right so we understand the ‘why‘ but what about the ‘how’? Here is the slightly better news, resting in the sun, exercising daily and eating a diet rich in dairy products, leafy vegetables, oily fish and eggs will all contribute to your vitamin D intake. As winter approaches you may also need to take a supplement to reach the intake recommendations. Vitamin D3 is the most bio-available source to the body – NSP’s vitamin D3 is produced from organic sources and is ideal for supporting mood, energy levels and your hormone balance all the way through the winter months. Word of warning don’t be tempted with taking a cheaper vitamin D2 it’s a false economy because you will only need to take more to achieve the same results!

Benefits of supplementation

• Supplementation helps to prevent Vitamin D deficiency
• Vitamin D helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and the absorption and use of calcium
• Aids normal function of the immune system
• Contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function
• An essential vitamin, especially throughout the colder, darker seasons of the year when we see very little sunshine

Two tablets contain 100mcg of Vitamin D3, which is 2000% of the EC RDA.

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Vitamin D

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