Vitamin and Minerals what you need to know

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Vitamin and Minerals what you need to know

I think it’s fair to say that most of us get the importance of getting enough vitamins in our diet to stay healthy. What we probably understand less is whether or not we actually achieve this effectively through our diets.

Vitamins and minerals are vital for supporting the body. Humans need over 30 different types of vitamins and minerals to sustain our immune system, bone health, healing processes and to repair cellular damage. The human body is unable to make vitamins (with the exception of Vitamin D from sun exposure) and so we are reliant on getting enough from our food intake or by taking supplementation.

Younger people need more nutrients to support growth and older people need more nutrients due to malabsorption. As people age, they often begin taking medications which can interfere with nutrient absorption this will mean you will need to take more nutrients in the most absorbable form possible.

Sadly modern day farming techniques allow for crops to be force grown and deplete the soil of natural nutrients. Pesticide and insecticides further reduce the nutrient quality of our food and in addition, a lot of what arrives in our shops has often been harvested weeks before allowing for the nutrient content of the plant to decrease. This added to our already over processed, over cooked diets leaves little room to doubt that most of us simply aren’t getting enough!

Did you know? Our soil contains up to 80% less nutrients than it did just a few decades ago.

So you say ‘I take a multivitamin, I’ve got this covered…’ – great but have you considered the difference between synthetic vs natural vitamins and whether the difference affects your body’s ability to make use of them?

Put simply, synthetic vitamins are manufactured in a lab with chemicals and are designed to mimic natural plant derived vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are “isolated” (non food based) which means that our bodies are unable to recognise and use them in the same way as natural vitamins. Instead the body will treat them as waste and they will be excreted – literally money down the drain! In addition, these synthetic vitamins do not contain the necessary transporters that allow for absorption into the body and so instead they use the bodies own mineral reserves, which can often lead to deficiencies. Our bodies better understand how to absorb natural food based vitamins.

It’s all in the numbers….
95% of all vitamin production is synthetic – buying cheap vitamins really is a waste of money as the media will have your believe!
Only 5% of all supplements are tested for any form of impurities – Which means as much as 95% could contain insect wings, mouse droppings or unmentionables from the factory floor!
85% of supplements are not manufactured by the company selling them so we really do not know where they have come from!

In today’s world where we need more nutrients to cope with the pressures of life, yet the food we are consuming contains less and less nutrients it would be good to know that what you are buying is not a waste of money! Make sure you choose a good product that is food sourced and organic.

NSP’s Super Supplemental multivitamins are purity tested so you are guaranteed a product that is 100% pure, available to the body and with nothing else added! This best-selling multi vitamin and mineral combination provides 100% of most of your recommended daily vitamin and mineral requirements along with micronutrients from super-foods with important antioxidants. Save an extra 10% off when you buy before 26th February – whilst stocks last.

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