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So with Christmas just days away and parties in full swing let’s take some time to look into the liver and the vital role it plays in our health and wellbeing.

The liver is the largest of the human organs, located behind the ribs on the upper right side of your abdomen and has over 500 vital functions including:

  •      Storing and regulating vitamins, sugar and iron
  •      Controls production of cholesterol and proteins
  •      Cleans the blood of waste products by neutralizing toxins
  •      Makes clotting factors to stop excessive bleeding after injury
  •      Releases bile to help with digestion and absorption of nutrients

Up to 13% of our blood is held within the liver at any one time and it filters over 1 litre of blood every minute! Put simply we couldn’t survive longer than a day without it so it’s vitally important to look after this complex of all organs – especially during this season of excess!

So what can we do to look after the liver?

  •      Drink clean water  – at least 2 litres of fresh water each day
  •      Eat well  – Sugar, caffeine, processed foods, white bread and pasta are all enemies of the liver so do try to avoid these!
  •      Cut back  – limit your alcohol intake and if you do drink more than your daily-recommended amount try and have 48 hours alcohol-free after to allow your liver to recover
  •      RestSleep helps, it increases melatonin that neutralises free radicals and regenerates your system
  •      Be active  – exercise will oxygenate your blood and liver
  •      Avoid medicines  - antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, the pill and HRT all have an impact on liver health

Love your liver!

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