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New Year New You!

So ok we all know the cliché ‘New Year, New You’ we’ve all seen the diet DVDs for sale and the shops full of exercise gear and books of how to make the perfect smoothie… yet how many of us are fed up of bouncing through the year making one change to another and not actually finding a long term health solution?  The start of a new year is a great time to make some health changes but the message here is don’t rush into make crazy changes you can’t keep up with beyond the first few weeks of January.

The key to getting your weight and health in check is to get the balance right – good food, right exercise and balancing those hormones! Easy right? Well no, we all recognise that it isn’t that easy to get on track. Start by making some simple goals that you can stick with then gradually introduce more changes. Once you have found the balance you will be able to maintain a healthy weight, obtain optimum health and make the necessary changes for good….

Where to start?

Stop calorie counting – for years we have been coached to count the calories but what has this done for our relationship with food? Instead of being mindful about what we are eating we are stressing about how many calories we have consumed, we have simply forgotten how to enjoy the experience of ‘good’ food on our plate.

Don’t deny yourself all the food you love!

Ditching the caffeine, processed food and sugar and in place focusing on nutrient rich foods will satisfy your hunger and boost your metabolism. Making these changes will be challenging as processed foods are addictive – they are laden with extra sugars and fats, which alter flavour and make your body crave them! So don’t cut out everything in one go, introduce food changes gradually and start by cutting out just a few of your regular ‘go to’ processed foods… replacing them with healthier food options.

Hormone hell!

Sleep disorder, general fatigue, mood swings and weight gain could all be signs of hormonal imbalance  – many of us suffer from the effects of this every day and yet many of us have no idea! Recognising the signs of hormone imbalance is essential, as it will lead to difficulty losing weight. If you suffer from anxiety or exhaustion or if you have a digestive issue your body will have increased levels of hormone cortisol. Prolonged stress results in increased appetite, metabolic decline and belly fat that just won’t shift!

Healthy start tips

Start your day with warm lemon water  – this will flush the liver, kick start metabolism and give your immune system a boost, as well as the added bonus of increased skin health.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol during the week – is that glass of wine after work really needed or is it just a habit?

If you are tired at the end of the day take a walk – even 10 minutes can be re-energising.   

Drink plenty of water daily!  All simple changes that can be made during January that create new habits for 2016.

Consider a healthy starter programme  – get your body back on track by cleansing during January that way you will be ready for a healthy February onwards.  However when encouraging the body to cleanse we need to consume lots of green veg and proteins, so good food is vital. NSP’s powerful and effective ten-day course of five cleansing herbal products will collectively help cleanse the whole body of cellular waste. Improving skin tone, helping you reduce the post christmas bloat and shed a few unwanted pounds!


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