Functional Nutrition Formula has extensively researched the nutritional supplement market and is pleased to recommend Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) to support its nutrition coaching. FNF specified a number of exacting requirements when conducting its market research and due diligence, namely that any nutritional supplement must satisfy the following criteria:

✔ Certified 100% organic
✔ Pharmaceutical grade quality –

NSP undertake clinical trials where appropriate
✔ Manufactured by the name on the label – absolutely no 3rd party ‘white’ label’ products
✔ Undergo rigorous testing of raw materials and finished product to ensure consistent product efficacy, potency and manufacturing excellence
✔ Be realistically priced so that high quality nutrition is available to everyone, not just a well-off elite
✔ Independently quality accredited
✔ Ethically marketed, with no sales targets or upfront costs to pay

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